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For your hardware insertion needs

Are quick, easy setups and higher productivity concerns for your hardware insertion needs? If so, Auto-Sert, Inc. is the company to call. Auto-Sert, Inc. is the innovative leader in automatic feeding of nuts, studs, standoffs, blind fasteners, etc. Auto-Sert, Inc. has a variety of hardware insertion presses, special tooling and engineering consultants to work with you.

210 Industrial Way
Frederic, WI 54837

Phone: 715-327-4924
Fax: 715-327-4928

Sales Contact
Dave Romanowski - President


Forming, Fabricating, and Bending - Sheet and Plate
Hardware Insertion Presses
Mechanical Fasteners and Hardware
Inserts - Self-threading, Threaded, and Threadless
Mechanical Fasteners and Hardware
Automation and Robotics
Mechanical Fasteners and Hardware