Cieco Inc.

2401 Hookstown Grade Road
Clinton, PA 15026

Phone: 412-262-5581
Fax: 412-264-9272

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July 16, 2012
Sensor inputs added to press controller for more flexible monitoring
Cieco Inc. has announced that the die protection module of its Automator II press controller now has up to 40 sensor inputs available. That's more...
January 13, 2009
Clutch/brake safety controller developed for eddy current-controlled presses
CIECO has released the Automator II press safety clutch/brake controller. The dedicated system provides safety-compliant operation for presses using...
December 11, 2007
Tracking system for press controller monitors 24-hour production
Cieco Inc. has announced that its Automator II press automation controller now comes standard with a basic production tracking system.The feature...
June 12, 2007
Die protection module has up to 32 sensor inputs
Cieco Inc. now offers up to 32 sensor inputs for the die protection module of the Automator II press controller, twice as many as previously...
May 8, 2007
Die protection module provides flexible sensor monitoring
Cieco Inc. has introduced a new product for its Automator II press controller. The die protection module for the controller now has up to 32 sensor...


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