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World Leader in Specialty Cored Wire and Stick Electrodes.

COR-MET INC. has been manufacturing flux cored wire for the forging, alloy fabricating, high temperature, corrosion, and abrasion industry since 1972. The product range includes:

Specialty Cored Wire- Sizes range from .035 to 3/16" diameter. The product line includes low and high alloy steel, nickel, cobalt, hardface, maintenance, stainless steel, cast iron, and tool steel, and alloys for forge die repair.

Coated Electrode- The electrodes compliment many of the existing cored wires. The sizes available are 3/32" to 20mm (3/4" + diameter/ 39" length).

Solid Wire MIG And TIG Wire- Solid Alloy and Steel wire is available in 36" cut length and 25 pound spools. The standard sizes available are .035 to 1/8".

COR-MET INC. has a large product inventory and will ship most orders from stock. Delivery for a non-stock standard item is typically two weeks. Special order requests for a new product or slight chemistry variation from a standard product will take 2-3 weeks to ship from COR-MET INC.

12500 E. Grand River
Brighton, MI 48116

Phone: 810-227-3251
Fax: 810-227-9266

Sales Contact
Scott Frasso - Sales Manager

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