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Power Tools for Metal Fabrication and Finishing

CS Unitec is the leader in power tools for grinding, sanding, polishing, deburring, drilling and cutting steel, stainless steel, aluminum and more. Our full line of power tools and accessories includes: Surface Finishing/Linear Grinding Machines, Angle Grinders/Sanders, Flap Discs - Eco-Friendly Hemp Backing, Pipe Sanding/Weld Seam Grinding Machines, Portable Beveling Machines, Deburring Machines, Portable Magnetic Drills & Annular Cutters

Most Powerful Portable Magnetic Drill | MAB 1300 | CS Unitec

The MAB 1300 from CS Unitec is the world's most powerful magnetic drilling machine. Drill large holes up to 5-1/8" in diameter. Tap up to 1-5/8" dia. Twist drill up to 1-3/4" dia. For detailed specifications, please visit our website: www.csunitec.com

Equipped with a reversible, 4-gear, variable-speed, 20-Amp motor, the MAB 1300 is designed for continuous use and is great for tapping, twist drilling, reaming and countersinking. Offers a magnetic holding force of 23,600 lbs. on 1" plate. Equipped with automatic internal lubrication, plus an electronic safety shutoff sensor, emergency-off function and magnetic force indicator for safe operation.