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The global leader in nitrogen gas spring technology

Nitrogen Gas Springs, Nitrogen Gas Lifters, ISO Air Cylinders and Hydraulic Core Pin Cylinders. DADCO is the leader in nitrogen gas spring technology, offering a complete line of nitrogen gas springs and accessories. DADCO s nitrogen gas springs range from 10 lb. to 22 tons of force on contact. DADCO complements the gas spring line with ISO HP Series Air Cylinders and DK Series Hydraulic Core Pin Cylinders and accessories. DADCO s products are widely approved and used in global stamping operations for the metal stamping, automotive and plastic injection molding industries.

43850 Plymouth Oaks Blvd.
Plymouth, MI 48170

Phone: 734-207-1100
Fax: 734-207-2222

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June 1, 2015
Flight of a complex progressive stamping--from customer print to finished part
A complex stamped component begins its journey as a part print. Then a CAD layout drawing marks the progression; a 3-D model fleshes out the form and indicates any possible interference; and the die is put through a test run before the first part is produced.
February 5, 2015
Gas springs suitable for die storage
DADCO’s new 90.10 DS series gas springs are designed with a reduced rate of return, making them suitable for die storage. These models are a direct...
March 30, 2010
Nitrogen gas spring offers more force in less space
Dadco has introduced the Micro 70™ nitrogen gas spring in preset color-coded force varieties with stroke lengths from 0.27 to 4.92 in. The...
January 13, 2009
Two-post direct lifters feature metric air cylinders
DADCO offers two-post direct lifters that feature the company's HP series metric air cylinders. The cylinders include adjustable cushion control, a...
May 8, 2007
Die lifter has up to 450 lbs. force on contact
Dadco's patent pending SL2.180 nitrogen gas spring two post lifter is the latest addition to the company's SL series. The new lifter has a 31.8 mm...
November 7, 2006
Gas spring provides more than 380 lbs. of force
Dadco's U.0175 gas spring, the newest addition to the company's Ultra ForceT series, has a 19-mm-dia. body with an 11-mm-dia. rod, providing more...
March 7, 2006
Dadco updates Web site
Dadco, Plymouth, Mich., has updated its Web site,, to include downloadable CAD files for the company's products.The site features...

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