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October 1, 2014
Cartridge dust collector requires fewer filters
Donaldson Co. Inc. has introduced the Donaldson® Torit® Downflo® Evolution (DFE) cartridge dust collector. The unit features the MaxPulse™...
March 8, 2014
Combustible Dust Strategies - Meeting OSHA Requirements for Your Operation 4-16-14
Do you own or operate an industrial dust collector? Do you wonder how OSHA's regulations surrounding combustible dust influence your dust collector choice and strategy? If you answered "yes" to either of these questions, this informative webinar is for you.
March 3, 2014
Hexavalent Chromium Emissions
Hexavalent chromium is a regulated, toxic material that must be dealt with by implementing proper precautions. Now that NIOSH has recommended new lower - more stringent - levels to OSHA, companies are advised to review their manufacturing processes and equipment and consider implementing proactive changes to control their air emissions. Join Jeff Abelson, Donaldson Torit's Industrial Air Filtration Program Manager, for an informative discussion on this important and timely topic.
August 29, 2011
Donaldson expands testing capabilities
Donaldson Co. Inc., a manufacturer of filtration systems and parts in Minneapolis, has opened three new test labs in China, India, and the U.S. The...
May 31, 2011
Dust collectors for metalworking, mining handle airflows of 5,000 to 50,000 CFM
Donaldson Co. Inc. has introduced the VH series of Torit® brand PowerCore® dust collectors for applications with abrasive dust in the metalworking...
November 12, 2010
Using watts, again
A West Coast metal fabricator, Laser Cutting Northwest developed a product called the regenerator, which generates electricity from exhausted air. One application includes dust collectors for laser cutting systems. Installed into the shop’s own systems, the regenerator produces enough electricity to power a third of the shop lights.
March 5, 2010
Small footprint dust, fume collection system available in units up to 10,000 CFM
The Torit® PowerCore® TG series from Donaldson Co. Inc. is designed for the collection of dust generated in thermal processes, such as...
December 16, 2008
Donaldson Co. offers new white paper on controlling hexavalent chromium
A new technical article entitled "Hexavalent Chromium: What You Need to Know," authored by Donaldson Co. Inc., Minneapolis, has been released for...
November 7, 2006
New rule, new equipment
Now that OSHA's new ruling on hexavalent chromium is official, fabricators and manufacturers across the country are examining their plants, monitoring their air, and making adjustments to reduce their permissible exposure limits (PELs) to the fumes produced specifically by stainless steel welding.
November 7, 2006
Mist collector filters various substances
Donaldson® Torit® has introduced the WSO mist collector that filters water-soluble coolants, straight oil, and oily smoke with just a change...


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