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EMMEDI (SAET S.p.A.) induction heating solutions

Engineered solutions for the tube and pipe industry

Since 2014 EMMEDI is part of the Ajax TOCCO Magnethermic Corporation Group of companies. The combination confirms the group committment to the pipe and tube industry and is a crucial stage in the process of consolidation and expansion of the EMMEDI brand as a leading provider in induction solutions, ensuring the proper structure needed to support its growth in a long term perspective. With over 50 decades of presence on the market, EMMEDI is a high quality player in the design and manufacturing of solid state and vacuum tube high frequency welders, seam annealing units, in-line and off-line tube annealing equipment and many other customized processes and solutions to meet customers' special needs. EMMEDI equipment utilizes power supplies manufactured within the organization giving us complete control over design features and quality. Based upon the need, EMMEDI offers solutions using four different power supply configurations. Along with providing each customer personal service, a proven process and reliable equipment, EMMEDI customers can benefit from the resources of a global corporation. We provide worldwide assistance through our network of regional sales and service engineers. Our experienced service team is strategically placed for quick response to customers wherever they are located. Our commitment to customer support means that we are available to deal with emergencies at any locations worldwide.

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