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April 13, 2016
Die change rail car moves 45,000-lb. die multidirectionally
Green Valley Mfg. of Illinois Inc. has developed a custom-engineered, built-to-order Titan 153353 bidirectional die change rail car with a capacity...
June 17, 2008
Rack drive system added to die change, handling equipment
Green Valley Mfg. Inc. has added a patented rack drive system to its line of quick die change and handling equipment.The Titan rack drive has few...
September 11, 2007
Coil manipulator facilitates transfer to cart
Green Valley Mfg. Inc. has introduced the Titan 2327, a 12,000-lb.-capacity coil manipulator that allows the operator to safely transfer palletized...
January 9, 2007
Choosing the right die handling tools
Many stampers rely on the machines and equipment you already have for moving and changing stamping dies. Using dedicated items such as die carts and shuttle tables can make die change more efficient.
February 7, 2006
Feeling overwhelmed with pressures?
Stampers face increasing pressure, from external and internal customers, every day. This, combined with increasing responsibilities, can cause production personnel to feel overwhelmed. Long die changeovers gobble up precious time that could be used for better purposes, leaving many production teams operating in a firefighting mode. Doing a thorough time study and using the results to eliminate time-wasting steps is the first step in implementing quick die change, freeing up some time for value-added activities, and getting control over your production processes.

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