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Gullco International is a leading manufacturer of automated welding and cutting equipment that provides cost effective, high quality results under heavy industrial use. Gullco features "KAT" All Position Variable Speed Travel Carriages, Oscillation combination units ideal for vertical and horizontal multipass welding, Moggy single or dual torch magnetic, trackless fillet weld carriages, KBM-18 and KBM-28 high speed portable plate edge beveling machines, seam tracking systems, positioners, turning rolls and Katbak ceramic weld backing.

21568 Alexander Road
Cleveland, OH 44146

Phone: 440-439-8333
Fax: 440-439-3634

Sales Contact
Dave Hudson - President

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May 23, 2013
Plate bevellers operate at up to 10 FPM
Gullco's KBM® self-propelled plate bevelers can operate at up to 10 FPM. The bevelers use a cutter to shear the metal, helping to eliminate the HAZ...
January 31, 2011
Plate-edge beveling machine operates at up to 10 FPM
Gullco's KBM self-propelled bevelers can operate at up to 10 FPM. According to the manufacturer, they produce clean machined bevel angles of 22.5 to...
March 5, 2010
Welding oscillator features simplified handling, setup
The portable, modular design of Gullco's OSC-PR-10 heavy-duty remote control oscillator helps simplify handling and setup. The compact unit is...
March 10, 2009
Automated orbital welding system introduced
Gullco Intl. has introduced its Pipe KAT® welding system, which automates a variety of orbital welding applications. The system uses a...
March 13, 2007
System automates single-, multiple-head welding, cutting
Gullco's KAT Travel Carriage System is designed to automate and improve quality in single-or multiple-head welding and cutting uperations.Welding...
July 12, 2005
Seam tracker automatically positions welding torch
Kat Trackers from Gullco Intl. provide precision seam tracking that maintains the torch in the optimal operating position.The trackers restore...


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