H & H Tube & Manufacturing Co.

108 Garfield St.
Vanderbilt, MI 49795

Phone: 989-983-2800
Fax: 989-983-4530


Sales Contact
Cindy Forman - Inside Sales Manager

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December 10, 2014
Longtime H & H Tube manager retires
H & H Tube, Vanderbilt, Mich., has announced the retirement of Production Manager Don Forman, effective at the end of 2014, after more than 40 years...
January 11, 2010
Small manufacturer, big heart

Founded in 1930 to supply radiator components to the budding automotive industry, H & H Tube was built on a tradition of seeking challenges—pursuing new customers in diverse markets, chasing manufacturing challenges, and often building its own equipment. This created a cycle of learning by doing that allowed it to pursue still more challenges. A change in management a few years back enabled the company to go further still in kaizen events, ISO certification, and so on.

June 13, 2006
Tube hydroforming for expanded design options
Hydroforming has become a favored technology for automotive parts because it allows manufacturers to increase a component's strength, reduce its weight, and reduce the number of parts in an assembly. Another important benefit, one that is often overlooked, is the increase in design freedom this technology allows. Engineers and designers must be aware of the factors that restrict design freedom, such as material characteristics and press limitations, and alternatives such as annealing and axial feeding that help work around these limitations.


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