Hautau Tube Cutoff Systems

11199 State Route 101
Brookville, IN 47012

Phone: 765-647-1600
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Sales Contact
Fred Hautau - Sales Manager

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April 8, 2013
Conveyor components manufacturer relies on inverse lathe
Mining equipment has to take a beating more so than most other types of industrial equipment. Constant exposure to heat, dust, dirt, and debris means that mining equipment has to be built to last. When the Goodman-Hewitt branch of Joy Global looked to upgrade the machines it uses to make conveyor components for this industry, it looked for a cutoff machine that would hold tight length and squareness tolerances for this severe environment. Its search led it to Hautau Tube Cutoff Systems Inc.
July 16, 2012
Rethinking rotary processing
Hautau Tube Cutoff Systems LLC turned the lathe concept on its head when it developed a machine that holds tube steady and uses tooling that orbits the workpiece. This concept, coupled with a handful of other innovations developed over the Hautau brothers’ professional careers, make these machines unique in how the perform recut operations.


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