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Charleston, SC 29418

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Sales Contact
John Tutino - HGG Americas - Area Manager

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June 28, 2016
Software eliminates operator calculation in pipe cutting
HGG Profiling Equipment offers pipe cutting machines with optional Acorn piping software from Acorn Pipe Systems for precision shape cutting and...
November 12, 2015
Edge-rounding line prevents corrosion, eliminates grinding
HGG Profiling Equipment has introduced an edge-rounding line, which imparts a smooth, rounded surface edge on I/H-beams, T’s, and flat bars to...
July 16, 2015
Orion Drilling Co. has rigs, will travel
Before purchasing a 3-D CNC cutting system from HGG, oil rig builder Orion outsource quite a bit of its work. In addition to being at the mercy of its subcontractors’ lead times, Orion had to deal with their quality, which often wasn’t sufficient. The machine has been such a productivity enhance that Orion estimates the ROI period to be one year.
August 27, 2014
Cutting machine handles pipes, tubes, and flat plate
HGG’S new Multi-Profile Cutting (MPC) machine is designed for manufacturers with production volumes that cannot justify dedicated machines for...
May 5, 2014
Pressure vessel production software allows import of part program files from CAD/CAM
New ProShell software package from HGG facilitates the design and fabrication of pressure vessels, spools, and nozzles on the company’s pressure...
September 19, 2013
HGG Profiling Equipment launches online resource
HGG Profiling Equipment, Charleston, S.C., has announced the launch of www.pressurevesselcutting.com, an online resource for manufacturers and...
August 12, 2013
Pressure vessel machinery nearly eliminates layout time
HGG has introduced a line of pressure vessel cutting machinery with 3-D steel profile cutting capability that combines plasma and oxyfuel...
June 12, 2013
Machine combines 3-D pipe cutting, roller bed
HGG has introduced the SPC-RB CNC pipe cutting machine. The chuck-driven machine incorporates a roller bed, eliminating the need for a crane and...
August 16, 2012
Profile cutting machine cuts pipe, tube, flat plate
HGG's new Multi-Profile Cutting Machine (MPC 350) is designed for construction companies with production volumes that do not justify dedicated...
June 20, 2012
Profile cutter's vision system scans beams for imperfections
HGG has introduced its new robotic profile cutting (RPC) line for plasma cutting profiles such as I- and H-beams and square and rectangular tubing...


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