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August 20, 2006
Why settle for good enough?
A survey reviewed the operations of 24 steel pipe and tube manufacturers. Only a minority of these showed signs of having well-run, efficient operations, as measured by on-time shipments, minimal inventory and work-in-progress, employee turnover, internal rework rates, and most importantly, profitability. In fact, a good number of steel pipe and tube producers in this sample barely reach the average. Interviews with presidents of some companies found that inertia was a common characteristic among the low margin companies. Good enough was good enough.
August 20, 2006
The ups and downs of employee communication
Author's Note: This article is a supplement to "Why settle for good enough?" which appeared in the December 2002 issue of TPJ-The Tube & Pipe...
August 20, 2006
Tailoring incentives to employees' needs
An appeal to business owners to look past bonuses to a new way of structuring incentives for their employees
August 8, 2006
Meeting global challenges through employee rewards
Arco Industries Inc. bought a 15-year-old, 500-ton Tranemo hydraulic punching press with an antiquated control system. For about one-quarter the cost of a new press, Arco was able to rejuvenate an obsolete press by providing it with contemporary levels of control and productivity.
February 7, 2006
Are you still settling for good enough?
A study of executives at several tube and pipe fab shops revealed that the executives and managers are ensnared by four potential traps: talking instead of doing, failing to see the big picture, avoiding listening, and failing to communicate.
February 1, 2002
Surviving cost-cutting pressures from OEMs
This article provides examples of automotive suppliers and other metalworking suppliers who are facing strict cost containment requirements, and explains possible benefits of using gainsharing to motivate employees to generate ideas for efficiency.


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