Jammes Industrie Showroom

Jammes Industrie

Flexibility, Productivity, Non-stop Innovation

Zi de Ladoux - Rue Verte
Cebazat, 63118

Phone: 33-473-256-070
Fax: 33-473-241-234


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May 9, 2006
CNC facilitates part rolling
Jammes Industrie's Rollexpress CNC-Cone rolls in one revolution conical parts that have a round shape, as well as triangular, square, trapezoidal,...
September 14, 2004
Plate bending machine rolls tubes at 200 PPH
Jammes Industrie has developed the Type T-180 platebending machine capable of bending special sheet metal to produce tubes with small diameters over...


Tool and Die
Plate Bending Rolls
Welding and Joining
Power Sources-GMAW (MIG)
Welding and Joining
Power Sources-GTAW (TIG)
Coil Processing and Continuous Strip Processing
Roll Forming Lines
Forming, Fabricating, and Bending - Tube and Pipe
Tube Benders