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The Kett Tool Company was formed in 1940, as a manufacturer of specialty wood boring tools. World War II interrupted this program, when all of its production facilities were channeled toward the war effort. Working with the Armed forces and with aircraft manufacturers, KETT engineers developed a line of drilling and cutting tools for aircraft maintenance. After the war the design of the line was expanded to produce specialty tools for general industrial as well as aircraft use. In 1970, Kett Tool purchased the shear line of WPB out of Racine, Wisconsin and in 1996, purchased the Fenway Nibbler line. Kett Tool is currently producing a line of Electric and Pneumatic Portable Power Saws, Shears and Nibblers to cut a wide range of sheet materials used in many different applications and markets.

5055 Madison Road
Cincinnati, OH 45227

Phone: 513-271-0333
Fax: 513-271-5318

Sales Contact
Rick Fowkes

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June 15, 2016
Pneumatic shears deliver burr-free cuts in metals
Kett Tool offers the P-540 double-cut shears for making burr-free cuts in cold-rolled mild steel up to 14 ga., most grades of stainless steel to 20...
March 30, 2016
Pneumatic shears feature variable-speed trigger
Kett Tool offers P-500 double-cut shears for cutting 18-ga. and lighter cold-rolled mild steel, most grades of stainless steel to 20 ga., and...
March 8, 2016
Las tijeras sellan el borde del material cortado
Kett Tool ofrece las tijeras KD-441. La acción de corte deslizante de la unidad sella los bordes del material cortado, reduciendo la posibilidad de...
March 2, 2016
Double-cut shears slice metal without distortion
Kett Tool’s KD-440 double-cut shears deliver precision cuts in cold-rolled mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum without warping or bending the...
February 25, 2016
Kett Tool announces retirement of VP
Kett Tool, a Cincinnati-based manufacturer of electric and pneumatic tools, has announced that Rick Fowkes, vice president, has retired after 34...
January 26, 2016
Profile shears’ left curved blade configuration simplifies curve cutting
Kett Tool offers KD-446L profile shears with a left curved blade configuration for maneuverability in cutting corrugated metal. The 5-lb. shears cut...
November 30, 2015
Variable-speed shears cut metal without distortion
Kett Tool’s KD-442 variable-speed scissor shears offer double cutting action that delivers straight cuts in cold-rolled mild steel and stainless...
October 8, 2015
Scissor shears’ swiping cut action seals material edges
Kett Tool offers the KD-441 scissor shears. The unit’s swiping cut action seals the edges of the cut material, reducing the likelihood of rust or...
September 11, 2015
Throatless shears cut cold-rolled mild steel up to 13 ga.
Kett Tool offers the KL-2040 throatless shears for making complex straight and curved cuts in cold-rolled mild steel and stainless steel. The...
July 29, 2015
Double-cut shears cut metals without distortion
Kett Tool’s KL-200 double-cut shears deliver precision cuts in cold-rolled mild steel up to 18 ga. and most grades of stainless steel to 20 ga. at...


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