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Koike-Aronson, Inc. is a manufacturer of high quality Welding, Positioning and Thermal Cutting equipment, including: universal balance positioners, turning rolls, manipulators, robotic, and geared elevated equipment that will tilt, rotate and lift objects from one to a million pounds. Our Thermal Cutting machines, utilizing oxy-fuel, plasma arc, and laser technology are in world wide use by all types of businesses from small fabricators to major steel service centers. Koike Aronson, Inc. is known for manufacturing machines with quality, dependability and long, reliable service life.

Koike: A Winning Solution to Quality Cut Parts with WaterJet

Custom Fabrication. Koike waterjet used for custom design of racing parts.

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May 9, 2016
CAD/CAM/CNC available on thermal cutting machine
Koike Aronson has introduced the FlashCut Titanium CAD/CAM/CNC system for its Monograph Extreme thermal cutting machine. The control provides 2-D...
April 28, 2016
Koike Aronson names new president
Arcade, N.Y.-based Koike Aronson, a manufacturer of metal cutting and positioning equipment, has appointed James McAuliffe Jr. to the positions of...
April 18, 2016
Cutting machine can be configured with plasma and/or oxyfuel torch
Koike Aronson has introduced the Plate-Fab cutting machine to give small fabricators more production options. It can be configured with one plasma...
December 7, 2015
Un fabricante mejora el control de pantalla táctil para máquinas de corte
Koike Aronson Inc./Ransome, fabricante de equipo de posicionamiento y corte de metales, introdujo el NC Karmac con interfaz de pantalla táctil para...
November 27, 2015
Plasma/oxyfuel cutting machine offers faster rapid speed
Koike Aronson has introduced the Mastergraph EX2 CNC plasma/oxyfuel cutting machine. It features a 1,400-IPM rapid speed, with a contour speed of 600...
July 14, 2015
Koike Aronson names sales manager for Mexico
Koike Aronson Inc./Ransome, a manufacturer of welding positioners, cutting machines, and gas apparatus equipment based in Arcade, N.Y., has named...
May 13, 2015
Welcome to the world of “positioneering”
A welding positioner can eliminate potential waste associated with inefficient material handling and help to improve weld quality. The key is finding the right positioner for the job.
January 15, 2015
Redefining shipbuilding and fabricating with new plasma cutting equipment
Great Lakes Shipyard, Cleveland, added a plasma cutting machine to its fabricating operations, which helps it to make more of its own parts without relying on subcontractors that don't always meet delivery dates.
August 6, 2014
Self-cleaning table removes slag, scrap automatically during cutting
Koike Aronson Inc./Ransome has introduced the Klean Sweep automatic slag removal table. The self-cleaning cutting table removes slag and scrap...
July 14, 2014
Koike: A Winning Solution to Quality Cut Parts with WaterJet
Custom Fabrication. Koike waterjet used for custom design of racing parts.
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