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The Minster Machine Company is a world-class supplier of equipment and services for the material forming industry. For more than 112 years Minster has provided our industry with single source, total solutions including, mechanical power presses, feeds, straighteners, reels, coil cars, die transfer tables, press controls, training programs, production monitoring systems, inspection services, preventative maintenance services, remanufacturing services, technical consulting services, press relocation services and a host of other products and programs designed specifically for the material forming market.

240 W. Fifth St.
P.O. Box 120
Minster, OH 45865

Phone: 419-628-2331
Fax: 419-628-3517

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July 13, 2016
High-speed stamping quenches thirst for beverage cans
All of the components of a beverage can are stamped in a high-speed press. The process of producing two-piece beverage cans starts with the blanking and forming of a cup from a large aluminum coil. Today’s most advanced cupping presses can run a 14-out die up to 350 strokes per minute (SPM), producing up to 4,900 cans per minute. Would soda beverages be as popular if they could not be packaged in a portable, singular, recyclable can made inexpensively by a high-speed stamping process? Some unique challenges and critical factors for press work in high-speed can stamping include high operating speeds, dynamic balancing, and off-center loading. Here are some ways to handle stamping at (almost) the speed of light--and takeaways for slower operations.
November 9, 2015
Nidec Minster becomes RIA Certified Robot Integrator
Nidec Minster Corp., a manufacturer of material forming presses and automation equipment based in Minster, Ohio, has received the RIA Certified Robot...
August 26, 2015
Nidec Minster Corp. adds Arisa S.A.
Nidec Minster Corp., Minster, Ohio, has announced that Arisa S.A. of Logrono, Spain, now is a Nidec Group Company. The Minster Group will manage and...
March 9, 2015
Nidec Minster announces management changes
Nidec Minster Corp., a provider of presses, feeds, coil handling equipment, and die transfer equipment in Minster, Ohio, has announced several...
February 20, 2015
Servo-driven feed designed for high-speed applications
Minster offers the MHSF3 AC servo-driven electric feed. Available in three widths, the unit is designed for thin-gauge, high-speed, high-vibration...
January 20, 2015
More from the Floor at FABTECH®
Feeling those no-show-to-go-to blues? Missing the great times you had at FABTECH? Yearn for just a glimpse of what you saw on the floor ... oh, the clanking and whirring of machines, the tastes of happy hour brew?
November 6, 2014
Nidec Minster opens service center in Mexico
The Nidec Minster Corp., Minster, Ohio, has announced the opening of a regional customer service center in Querétaro, Mexico. The service center...
March 6, 2012
Nidec Corp. to acquire The Minster Machine Co.
The Minster Machine Company has announced that it is being acquired by Nidec-Shimpo, a division of Nidec Corporation. Nidec is a global technology...
May 9, 2011
Minster announces personnel changes at Automation Division
The Minster Machine Co. has announced the promotion of two employees to head its expanding Automation Division at its Minster, Ohio, headquarters....
January 10, 2011
The integrated approach to coil lines
Modern press lines are very integrated, combining coil feeds and press capabilities from a single control area and using commonality of components to optimize results.


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