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Not your ordinary ride, N-Go is designed to do the job of many different vehicles using the same basic platform. The result is a multi-tasking utility vehicle capable of streamlining a fleet of trucks to one agile N-Go system. Weld-N-Go combines a powerful welding machine with maneuverable and modern utility vehicle performance. No more dragging a "portable" welder around the workplace No more temporary mountings in an expensive pick-up truck. Weld-N-Go makes welding machines mobile using either the welder's own power or an on-board battery pack for silent running. With narrow width and tight maneuverability, Weld-N-Go can go almost anywhere.

28217 White Road
Perrysburg, OH 43551

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March 13, 2007
Self-propelled truck makes welding machine mobile
The Weld-N-Go self-propelled welding truck from N-Go Industrial Trucks combines the power of a welding machine with turning agility and utility...


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