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Nabtesco Motion Control High Performance Gearing Solutions Nabtesco is the largest precision cycloidal gearbox manufacturer in the world and we have over 60 years of experience as a high quality manufacturer (established in 1944 as Teijin Seiki). Our precision equipment provides large torque, high-ratios, significant shock-load capabilities and arc-second repeatability. Our near-zero backlash reduction gears are found the world over controlling industrial robots, welding turn tables and positioners, medical imaging equipment, satellite antennas and countless other general industry applications. We currently claim a 70% market share in the industrial robot industry and a 40% market share in the machine tool industry“ and our plant manufactures over 25,000 gearboxes per month to supply our worldwide demand. Our 32 subsidiaries and over 4,000 employees worldwide ensure complete customer satisfaction - wherever the final destination of your product may be. For high quality and proven performance, Nabtesco is the preferred choice wherever precise motion is required.

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