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April 10, 2007
Tooling coating extends die life, reduces die rework
Glacier Vandervell's Bearing Group, a division of Dana, manufactures bearing components—bushings and thrust washers—for the automotive industry. It uses about 40 alloys and encounters many abrasion problems in its stamping operations, especially those involving aluminum. Its die coatings were not satisfactory because the heat used to apply the coatings would cause many of its dies to warp. It switched to FortiPhy™, a coating provided by Phygen Inc., and the tools now warp less and last longer.
December 7, 2004
High-performance coating helps stamper fight downtime
Depending on the severity of the application, some stamping dies require frequent reconditioning or recoating. However, some coating processes are done at such high temperatures that the dies become distorted and unuseable, requiring further regrinding. Omni Mfg. encountered this problem in stamping a heavy-duty hinge. It then discovered FortiPhy UltraEndurance™ from Phygen Inc., which increased the hit count on its dies from 20,000 to 200,000 between recoatings. The coating is applied at a relatively low temperature, so distortion is not a factor.


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