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We Bring Intelligence to the Table

At ProMotion Controls, Incorporated, our mission is clear. We are focused on increasing customer productivity through intelligent, easy-to-use, shape-cutting control solutions that empower operators of cantilever and portal-style shape-cutting machines...

2800 Airport Road
Denton, TX 76207

Phone: 866-279-2628
Fax: 316-550-6147

Sales Contact
William Cotten - Manager, U.S. Automation Sales

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July 19, 2012
Victor Technologies acquires Robotronic Oy, ProMotion Controls
Victor Technologies, St. Louis, has acquired all of the capital stock of Robotronic Oy, the parent company of ProMotion Controls Inc., a maker of...
September 11, 2007
Control upgrade kit for cutting systems offered
ProMotion® Controls Inc. has introduced an HS-862 upgrade kit for its older shape-cutting controls. The kit, designed to provide optimal...
August 8, 2007
Taking waste off the plate
C&S Metal Fabricating, Houston, fabricates parts for the oil and petrochemical industry. When it purchased a thermal cutting table with the latest controller technology, it took the unusual step of keeping all nest designs down on the shop floor, not in the front office as many other shops do.
April 10, 2007
Drive system developed for shape-cutting machines
ProMotion Controls, in cooperation with Kollmorgen Servotronix and Koike Aronson, has developed a high-performance digital AC drive amplifier system...
October 10, 2006
ProMotion Controls opens expanded customer support center
After outgrowing its last facility in two years, ProMotion Controls, Medina, Ohio, has recently opened a new, 6,500-sq.-ft. customer support...
January 11, 2005
Shape-cutting CNC provides dual microprocessing capabilities
The PC-based ProMotion® DUO shape-cutting control from ProMotion Controls combines dual microprocessor technology and advanced software for...


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