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Rockford, IL 61109

Phone: 815-874-7891
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Sales Contact
Matt Brenner - Vice President of Sales

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March 19, 2013
Milling machine shield protects operators from flying chips, sparks
Rockford Systems Inc. offers chip shields for Bridgeport milling machines. The shields place a barrier between flying chips, sparks, and machine...
January 22, 2013
Monthly seminar provides safeguarding tips
Rockford Systems offers a monthly machine safeguarding seminar at its training center in Rockford, Ill. This 2.5-day seminar explains how to...
April 25, 2012
Shields protect belt sander, disc sander operators
Rockford Systems Inc. offers adjustable belt sander and disc sander shields for protecting operators. The shields place a barrier between the...
March 21, 2011
Electrically interlocked shields available for small to large drill presses, similar machines
Rockford Systems Inc. has introduced a new line of electrically interlocked, heavy-duty drill shields. They are available for small to large drill...
October 11, 2010
Universal ball-and-socket shields make drills, grinders, and band saws safer
Universal ball-and-socket shields are available from Rockford Systems for use on drills, grinders, and band saws. The shields place a barrier...
June 21, 2010
Bench grinder safety gauge aids OSHA compliance
Rockford Systems offers a bench grinder safety gauge for adjusting the tongue and work rest openings on bench grinders to be in compliance with OSHA...
March 23, 2010
Safety bumper integrates with existing control system to provide Category 3 system
Rockford Systems offers a safety bumper system designed to provide protection from hazardous machine conditions. The industrial-grade,...
November 10, 2009
OSHA, ANSI compliant safeguarding systems developed for power presses, press brakes
The SSC-1500 dual-microprocessor-based control system and the SSC-3000 solid-state press automation control system from Rockford Systems Inc. are...


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