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Roland Industrial Electronics is the North America Region entity of Roland Electronic GmbH, located in Keltern Germany. Roland Electronic GmbH is a worldwide renown manufacturer of highly specialized application specific INDUSTRIAL SENSORS AND ELECTRONICS for automation applications in the Automotive/Automotive Supplier, Appliance, Lead-Acid Battery, Wire/Cable, Metal Can/Drum, Photovoltaic Plate and Tire Manufacturing Industries, also in the Sheet Metal Stamping/Processing; Metal Tube Processing and Pharmaceutical Blister Packaging Industries. We provide solutions to End User Facilities, Machine Builders, Automation and Controls Integrators, Stamping Press Manufactures, Robotic Manufactures, Tube Bender Machine Manufactures, Welding Cell Manufactures, Steel/Tube Suppliers & Processing Centers and more.

20126 Jefferson Court
Cleveland, OH 44149

Phone: 440-846-8888
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Sales Contact
Don Smerk - Technical Sales and Services Director

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December 11, 2007
Optimizing a single probe, gap-tolerant, double sheet detector system
Detecting the presence of two sheets in a press feeding operation uses scientific principles, but the process is not an exact science. A typical press-feeding situation involves an air gap between the detector and the first sheet in the stack or an air gap between the top two sheets, and these air gaps reduce the detector's effectiveness. Understanding the capabilities of the detector and the limitations imposed by imperfect conditions can help stampers set up an effective double-sheet detector system.
February 13, 2007
Sensor monitors up to 2.5 mm blanks for double sheet
Roland Industrial Electronics' P30GS single probe sensor can monitor blanks up to 2.5 mm (0.100 in.) for double sheet.The 30-mm-dia. sensor fits into...
September 14, 2004
Seam detector designed to handle difficult-position welds
Roland Electronic's SND40 weld seam detector is designed to handle difficult positioning tasks in tube bending machines, hydroforming presses, and...
July 13, 2004
Controlling double sheet in stamping operations
Almost everyone has experienced a double-sheet problem. Copiers, printers, and fax machines sometimes feed two sheets, which then jam the machines...


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