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Global Metalstamping Solutions

SEYI, established in 1962, is one of the largest mechanical press manufacturers in the world, producing over 4,000 presses annually. Our North American headquarters in Tennessee features multiple presses under power, spare parts, sales and service. SEYI's presses range from 22 to 2400 tons, in a large variety of frame, stroke, speed and bed size configurations. We have over 40 presses in stock, up to 660 tons, for quick delivery. SEYI provides total metal stamping solutions, not just presses.

843 Joint Park Blvd.
Tullahoma, TN 37388

Phone: 931-455-7700
Fax: 931-455-6092

Sales Contact
Lanny Griffin - Vice President, Sales

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January 20, 2015
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Feeling those no-show-to-go-to blues? Missing the great times you had at FABTECH? Yearn for just a glimpse of what you saw on the floor ... oh, the clanking and whirring of machines, the tastes of happy hour brew?
April 3, 2014
Seyi to open Mexico subsidiary in Monterrey
Press builder Seyi has announced that it will establish a subsidiary in Monterrey, Mexico, by the second half of 2014. It will feature a showroom,...
August 23, 2010
SEYI adds sales managers
SEYI America, a manufacturer of mechanical stamping presses in Walnut, Calif., has announced the addition of two sales managers to its North American...
February 24, 2009
Stamper rebuffs recession with retool
Richland Manufacturing, a subsidiary of Eagle Wings, a tiered automotive supplier, retooled with a new stamping press cell equipped with an electromagnetic die handling system. The retool effort also included installation of a 330-ton tie-rod type press, and a compact coil feeder.
August 8, 2007
Select an equipment supplier to meet global production requirements
Current economic, logistic, and financial conditions are forcing many companies to expand their stamping production around the world. When...
August 9, 2005
Get the most out of your press:
All presses go up and down, but that's where the similarity among them ends. When its time to review your pressroom and research a new press, consider your manufacturing needs, the parts the press will run, all ancillary equipment, raw materials, and the dies that will be making the parts.
February 8, 2005
FMA goes to China
Two weeks after the first FMA China Tour group returned to the U.S., news broke that IBM had entered into talks to sell its PC business to China's largest PC manufacturer, Lenovo. That news came as no surprise to tour participants.


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