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August 10, 2004
Tips for welding preparation
The increasing use of advanced equipment and applications (such as orbital welding for high-purity systems) requires better weld preparation. A thorough understanding of equipment, tool bits, and materials—including advanced alloys—helps to achieve better end prep.
July 13, 2004
Delta repair welders aim high
Pilots refer to flying experience as "seat time." For the 300-plus certified welders in Delta Air Lines' TechOps division, the term has a similar...
June 12, 2003
What's that material?
Many alloys—stainless steels, HASTELLOY®, INCONEL®, INCOLOY®, MONEL®, duplex and superduplex alloys—are similar in appearance and easily mixed up after mill test reports (MTRs) and heat stamps are removed in material processing. These mix-ups can have serious consequences to the end user, including product rework, factory downtime, or premature product failure. A single mistake may cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in materials and labor to correct. In addition, any loss of consumer confidence resulting from shipping incorrect material carries incalculable costs.
May 15, 2003
Inspecting welds on complex tube forms
Eddy current has long been used for inspecting straight seamless or welded tubing. New developments allow the use of this technology to inspect complex tube forms as well.
February 27, 2003
Laser system saves damaged military parts from the scrap heap
At military installations across the country, repair personnel struggle to stretch the life spans of vital pieces of equipment. Sometimes welding can extend the life of damaged components in aircraft, tanks, and other military vehicles. But in some cases, high–temperature welding processes do more harm than good, warping and weakening delicate metal components. Previously such components would be classified as irreparable and replaced with pricey new parts.
November 7, 2002
Merging research with manufacturing
To thrive in competitive markets, manufacturers must innovate. Innovation often relies on research. However, most manufacturing firms lack the financial and human resources necessary to conduct research that leads to innovation.
July 12, 2001
Not your father's abrasive jet
The advances made in abrasive jet cutting in recent years have negated much of the downside formerly associated with the technology.


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