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September 30, 2015
La mesa para soldar es de doble templado para una larga vida
Strong Hand Tools introdujo la mesa para soldar Professional Extreme 750. Construida en acero de primera templado en toda su sección, la mesa para...
March 9, 2015
Welding table is double-hardened for long life
Strong Hand Tools® has introduced the Professional Extreme 750 welding table. Constructed from premium through-hardened steel, the welding table is...
June 12, 2014
Modular clamp bends to hold parts at any angle
Strong Hand Tools® has introduced the new Third Hand modular clamp. The fully articulated, fully adjustable clamp holds parts in any position for...
June 11, 2014
Grinder rest stores hand-held grinders within reach
Strong Hand Tools® has introduced a new grinder rest for tabletop or table-edge storage of hand-held (4.5- or 5-in.) grinders. The compact rest...
June 10, 2014
Variable-height rest made for use with modular welding tables
Strong Hand Tools® has introduced the BuildPro™ variable-height rest. It is adjusted by hand with the turn of a knurled band for control in very...
February 12, 2014
Malleable cast-iron clamping squares work with modular welding tables
Strong Hand Tools® has introduced new BuildPro™ malleable cast-iron clamping squares. The compact, four-face, heavy-duty clamping squares feature...
April 17, 2013
The broader implications of modular weld fixturing
A shop is only as productive as its constraint process—that is, its bottleneck. All that adaptability in upstream processes may not make a part cost less if it takes days or weeks to build a new weld fixture. A modular approach to weld fixturing can help.
September 11, 2012
Welding tables feature five-face design
Strong Hand Tools® is an authorized U.S. distributor of German-made Siegmund welding tables for heavy-duty fixturing applications. They...
June 14, 2010
90-degree clamp holds workpieces from the outside, leaving unobstructed space inside for welding
Strong Hand Tools® has introduced the 90-degree Corner Magnet™ for holding workpieces from the outside, leaving unobstructed space inside...
December 16, 2008
Modular heavy-duty welding table provides 2-ton load capacity
Strong Hand Tools™ manufactures the BuildPro™ series of welding tables. Designed for modular, simplified use, the table is constructed of...

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