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As one of the world's leading companies for the production and development of CNC controlled tube bending machines, we have more than 80 years experience in manufacturing and maintenance of tube and profile cold bending machines for tube diameters of 4mm - 420mm. In addition we were and are the leader in the further development of our industry. Mandrel Bending Machine with CNC-control, Booster Bending Machine with CNC-control, Tube Bending Measuring Systems, Fully automatic solutions, Complete system solutions, Special bending equipment, Consulting and Individualization

Olpener Str. 460-474
Cologne, 51109

Phone: +49-221-89008-0
Fax: +49-221-89008-9920

Sales Contact
Schwarze-Robitec America Inc Chris Dorgan - Sales Manager

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March 31, 2016
Control system allows bending machine network creation
Schwarze-Robitec GmbH offers the NxG 2.0 high-performance control system, which allows the user to create a network of bending machines within a...
February 19, 2016
Control system allows creation of bending machine network
Schwarze-Robitec GmbH offers the NxG 2.0 high-performance control system, which allows the user to create a network of bending machines within a...
December 28, 2015
Tube bending tool features integrated cutting device
Schwarze-Robitec has developed a bending tool with an integrated cutting device. This allows the user to bend and cut pipe components of commercially...
October 28, 2015
Multistack tube cold bending machine processes diameters to 8.63 in.
Schwarze-Robitec offers the CNC 220 HD MW heavy-duty multistack tube cold bending machine. It processes tubes with a maximum diameter of 8.63 in. and...
May 26, 2015
Schwarze-Robitec establishes new website
Tube bending machine manufacturer Schwarze-Robitec GmbH, Cologne, Germany, has launched a redesigned website at with...
April 13, 2015
Schwarze-Robitec establishes U.S. subsidiary in Michigan
Schwarze-Robitec has opened a subsidiary, Schwarze-Robitec America Inc., in Big Rapids, Mich., offering sales and service for its tube cold bending...
August 20, 2014
Rapid clamping system speeds up tool change
Schwarze-Robitec has developed the Quick Tool Unlock rapid clamping system for tube bending machines. It allows quick change of the bending formers...
July 14, 2014
Bending machine design helps minimize setup time
Schwarze-Robitec has developed the CNC 60 E TB MR bending machine. Equipped with multitools, it allows production of different radii, as well as...
June 19, 2014
Bending machines process plate, sections
Schwarze-Robitec offers the Platebender PB series bending machines for plates and Sectionbender SB series bending machines for sections. The...
March 14, 2014
Machine bends and cuts tube in one process
A typical bending machine process is feed-bend-feed-bend, or maybe feed-bend-feed- rotate-bend, until the feedstock is used up. However, this isn’t the end of the fabrication process, which includes a subsequent cutting step. The cut often means waste, especially for short-length parts, and the problem is compounded when the volume is high or the material is expensive. Read about how one bender manufacturer changed the process to feed-bend-separate-feed-rotate-bend-separate.

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