Tube Tech Machinery

Via Bonfadina 33
Cazzago San Martino, Italy

Phone: 39-030-725-6311
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Sales Contact
Fabio Migliorati - Sales Director

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August 12, 2013
Tube Tech Machinery partners with ITEC
Tube Tech Machinery (TTM) of Brescia, Italy, has formed a partnership with Innovative Tube Equipment Corp. (ITEC) of Rockford, Ill., and Montreal for...
June 13, 2012
Update from Germany
Interviews with several TUBE exhibitors revealed that the energy industry remains the biggest driver in the tube and pipe industry. The opportunities aren’t just in oil and gas, but also wind and even nuclear, despite the Fukushima incident. Meanwhile, a few vendors have come up with machines and processes that reduce tube and pipe consumption and waste, helping the industry deal with fluctuating metals prices.


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Cutting - Sheet and Plate
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Tube and Pipe Producing
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