Universal Flow Monitors

1755 E. Nine Mile Road
Hazel Park, MI 48030

Phone: 248-542-9635
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February 13, 2007
Flowmeter allows multiple gas selectability
Universal Flow Monitors, Inc. offers FlowStream® OFM Series mass flowmeters for measuring arc welding shielding gas. The meter features field...
May 9, 2006
Flowmeter is corrosion resistant
Universal Flow Monitors Inc. offers the CoolPoint™ vortex-shedding flowmeter with a stainless steel body for corrosion resistance.The flowmeter...
February 7, 2006
Leak detectors cool water in resistance welding cells
Rocon LLC's DeltaPoint™ series leak detectors cool water in resistance welding cells. The nonmechanical instruments provide flow comparisons,...

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