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Vernon Microprocessor Pipe Cutting Machines and MasterTube Plasma Profilers process pipe and tubing for process & power piping, structural support, and pressure vessel manufacturing. CNC controls, automated material handling, and CAD-CAM compatiblity ensure rapid start-up and nonstop production.

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January 8, 2014
Mini profiler delivers pipe cutting in small footprint
Vernon Tool offers the Lincoln Electric MASTERPIPE® mini profiler, an entry-level CNC pipe cutting system in a compact footprint. It cuts and...
July 30, 2013
CNC pipe cutting system handles tube to 8 in. dia.
Lincoln Electric® Cutting Systems has announced plans to release the new Pipemate™ Profiler CNC pipe cutting system from Vernon...
June 3, 2011
Pipe/tube cutting and profiling system designed for handrail, fencing fabrication
VERNON Tool™ Co., a Lincoln Electric subsidiary, offers pipe and tube cutting and profiling systems for use in the handrail and fencing...
September 21, 2010
Two-axis CNC cutting machine, cuts/profiles pipe from 1 to 12in. OD up to 40 ft. long
The new MasterPipe™ profiler from Vernon Tool™ is a two-axis, CNC pipe cutting machine capable of cutting and profiling pipe from 1 to 12 in. OD...
September 12, 2006
Bridging the challenges
A good design doesn't guarantee challenge-free fabrication in the bridge industry, as one fabricator found out. Despite material availability obstacles, stringent welding requirements, and massive pipe cutting needs, Stinger Welding and the design team it worked with pulled off a winning pipe bridge design in six months.
June 8, 2004
Plasma pleases plenty
Technological developments in lasers are positioning them as an attractive alternative to plasma. But fabricators are still sticking with plasma cutting for many applications where speed and cost-effective operation are concerns.
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