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November 21, 2016
FABTECH® 2016: Closing the loop
When it came to new technology, FABTECH didn't disappoint. But this year, one theme dominated: closing the loop--or improving the entire process, from the initial quote to the final shipment.
October 22, 2014
Plasma cutting or laser cutting? How about both?
Not all parts need the tight-tolernace edge that laser cutting provides; now a fabricator canhave the fine touch of laser cutting and the poweful force of plasma cutting for thicker materials in one machine.
June 16, 2014
FAB 40: Cupples J&J Co. builds and builds capacity
Cupples J & J Co. Inc. has continued to invest in technology to meet existing customer demand.
January 27, 2009
Don't rule out plasma for cutting aluminum
In any discussion about how to cut metal, plasma cutting is right up there with laser and waterjet. The technology gets a bad rap, though, when the discussion turns to cutting aluminum. There are five preconceptions that many fabricators have about turning to plasma to cut aluminum. But according to three experts, new plasma cutting systems produce good results on aluminum.
July 15, 2008
Making sense of metal cutting technologies
This article was developed from the Comparative Cutting Panel conducted at the Fabricators & Manufacturers Association's Metal Matters conference in Orlando, Fla., March 2008. The participants included Rick Neff (Cincinnati Incorporated), Chris Maier (Flow International), Jeff Hahn (MC Machinery Systems Inc./Mitsubishi Laser), Ron Schneider (Messer MG Systems & Welding Inc.), and Al Julian (W.A. Whitney Co., a division of MegaFab).
September 11, 2007
W.A. Whitney names distributors
W.A. Whitney, a division of MegaFab, Rockford, Ill., has appointed Weller Machinery Co. as exclusive distributor for its fabricating machines in...
February 13, 2007
W.A. Whitney celebrates 100-year anniversary
W. A. Whitney is celebrating its centennial anniversary during its 2007 Open House, April 25 and 26, 2007, in the Whitney Technology Center in...
August 8, 2006
MegaFab names sales manager for Latin America
MegaFab, Hutchinson, Kan., has appointed Hugh D. Barron as sales manager for Latin America.Barron is fluent in Spanish and Portuguese. He is working...
April 11, 2006
Whitney names regional sales manager
Whitney, Rockford, Ill., a division of MegaFab, has appointed Cliff Ankersen as regional sales manager representing the Whitney and Bertsch product...
March 7, 2006
W.A. Whitney schedules open house
W.A. Whitney Co., Rockford, Ill., will host an open house at its facility April 19 and 20 to showcase its equipment and new products from all MegaFab...

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