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May 18, 2009
Welding Update for Infrastructure: No nonsense with NDT
Infrastructure is defined as the basic physical systems that serve a community's population, such as roads, bridges, utilities, water, and sewage....
April 10, 2007
First line of defense
Good welders learn to inspect their own work, but welders are just one part in a long list of variables (and people) involved in ensuring quality welds. Thorough communication of the welding parameters, as well as proper training to carry out the design, can help welders achieve quality work and to reduce the number of rejected welds.
October 24, 2002
Quality as Part of the Contract
Leaders who oversee weld designs, materials, methods, personnel training, and manufacturing teams should promote welding performance by addressing quality and testing issues in contracts for any work. Total quality systems and weld acceptance criteria must be specific--specified for each contract--and adherence must be enforced without wavering. Acceptance criteria for welding should be agreed to in a face-to-face meeting before fabrication begins. Before a project begins, all parties should agree on the retention time for inspection and test records—including X-rays, personnel qualifications and other project data--and the contract should state the location and description of the records storage facility.
February 14, 2002
Principles of welding productivity
Do you doubt the merits of daily record keeping to improve welding reliability, standardize welding procedures, avoid excessive costs, and increase productivity? Read on. You won't any longer.
March 5, 2001
Welding Watch - Managing Your Welding Operation: The basics of welding management
Making a welding operation as efficient as possible requires from managers a commitment to understanding every facet of their particular operations and insistence on seeing their strategic plans through.

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