Flaw Detection & Measurement Equipment Buyers' Guide

Model Material Composition Analysis Flaw Detection Measurement
Eddy Current Lasesr Scanning Magnetic Flux Leakage Magnetoacoustic Radiographic Remote Visual Inspection Ultrasonic Ultraviolet Xray Imaging Bend Angle Bore Coating Thickness Measuring Device Coordinate Diameter Hardness Length Staightness Thickness

Accurex Dimensional Measurement  Swarthmore, PA

TubeInspect P8

Applied Precision Inc.  Mississauga, ON Canada

COMET L3D and TScan Laser 3D Scanners

Banner Engineering Corp.  Minneapolis, MN

PresencePLUS P4 Series
U-Gage QT50U

Bates Technologies Inc.  Fishers, IN


DCM Tech Inc.  Winona, MN

MPI 4562 0    
MPI 3062 0    
MPI 2400 0    
MPI 3624/4830B 0    

Dacon Inspection Services  Rayong, Thailand

 Pipeline, Tank, Pressure Vessel

Eastern Applied Research  Lockport, NY


EddyTech Systems Inc.  Cleveland, OH

Eddychek 5

FARO  Lake Mary, FL

Laser ScanArm 0    

Flexbar Machine Corp.  Islandia, NY

13290 0    

Flexible Robotic Systems  Rapid City, SD

View Details 0    

Foerster Instruments Inc.  Pittsburgh, PA

View Details 0    

HKS Prozesstechnik GmbH  Halle (Saale), Germany

ThermoProfilScanner 0    

Hexagon Metrology, Inc.  Elgin, IL

Tube Inspection System 0    

InspecTech Analygas Group  Toronto, ON Canada

12-43 I.B.I.S. UT Scarf Monitor System 0    
12-41 UT Weld-Line Inspection System 0    
12-43 UT Weld-Line Inspection System, Offline 0    
12-48 Skelp Monitor System 0    
12-08 Full Body Inspection System 0    
12-22 Flux Leakage Weld-Line Test Systems 0    
12-06 EC Weld-Line Test Systems 0    
12-49 Eccentricity Monitor System 0    

InterTest Inc.  Columbia, NJ

Visible Welding WeldWatch EDU UDR-2016-Z Weld Tutoring Station
Visible Welding WeldWatch UDR-2016-Z Weld Camera Video System
iShot Weld-i 1000 Weld Camera Video System
iShot Weld-i SAW Submerged Arc Weld Video Camera System
iShot Weld-i Zoom HD Weld Camera Video System
iShot Weld-i Orbital Weld Videoscope

LIMAB AB  Göteborg, Sweden

TubeProfiler S
SlabProfiler 3D
TubeProfiler 0    
BarProfiler 3D 0    
HotProfiler 0    

LaserLinc Inc.  Fairborn, OH

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Lomar Machine & Tool Co.  Horton, MI

S1131 Digital Length Gauge 0    

Magnetic Analysis Corp.  Elmsford, NY

Multimac® 0    
Echomac® FD-5 0    
Rotoflux® Series 0    
 Varimac VI

Melt Tools LLC  Portage, MI

MeltView DART Welding Camera 0    
MeltView MIRA2 Welding Camera 
MeltView MIRA Welding Camera 0    
MeltView SYNC Welding Camera 0    

Meta Vision Systems Inc.  St-Laurent, QC Canada


NDT Intl. Inc.  West Chester, PA

NDT-715 0    
NDT-815 MVX A/B-Scan & DL 0    
MMX-6 Pulse-Echo & Multi-Echo 0    
MMX-7 B-Scan & DL 0    
CMX A/B-Scan & DL 0    
PVX Precision with A-Scan & DL 0    
Dualscope (Fe/NFe) 0    
Isoscope (NFe) 0    
Deltascope (Fe) 0    
PosiTector 6000 (Fe/NFe) 0    
PosiTector 200 for nonmetallic substrates 0    
Amigo ACFM Crack Microgauge 0    
DFX 7, DFX 8

Oasis Scientific Inc.  Taylors, SC


Olympus NDT  Waltham, MA

EPOCH 600 0    
DELTA XRF Analyzer
EPOCH 1000 0    
EPOCH LT 0    
EPOCH XT 0    
OmniScan MX2 0    
OmniScan SX 0    
OmniScan iX 0    
OmniScan EC/ECA 0    
Nortec 600 0    
38DL PLUS 0    
45MG 0    
BondMaster 600 0    

PCE Instruments  Southampton, Hampshire United Kingdom

PCE-TG 200 0    
PCE-TG 250 0    
PCE-RVE 30 0    
PCE-DE 25N 0    
PCE-V260 0    
PCE-2000 0    
PCE-CT 25 0    
PCE-CT 26 0    
PCE-CT 30 0    
PCE-CT 40 0    
PCE-CT 50 0    
PCE-CT 60 0    
PCE-TG 50 0    
PCE-TG 100 0    
PCE-TG 110 0    

PIW Machinery, Inc.  Houston, TX


Polytec Inc.  Irvine, CA

LSV-1000 0    
LSV-2000 0    

Proto Manufacturing Ltd.  Old Castle, ON Canada

View Details 0    

RWC Testing & Lab Supplies  El Paso, TX

View Details 0    
View Details 0    

Rigaku Analytical Devices  Wilmington, MA

 KT-100 Katana

SICK Inc.  Minneapolis, MN

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SPECTRO Analytical Instruments Inc.  Irvine, CA


Servo-Robot Corp.  Mequon, WI


Starrett-Bytewise Measurement Systems  Columbus, GA

Profile 360

TRACTO-TECHNIK GmbH & Co. KG  Lennestadt, Germany


Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc.  Tewksbury, MA

Laser TX

Titan Tool Supply  Buffalo, NY

View Details 0    

Vitronic Machine Vision Ltd.  Louisville, KY


Winton Machine Co.  Suwanee, GA

AM 75 0    

Witels Albert USA Ltd.  Oxford, MD

LM 100 D

Xiris Automation Inc.  Burlington, ON Canada