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July 10, 2007
Air Liquide appoints president/CEO
Air Liquide USA LLC, Houston, has named Michael J. Graff as president and CEO and as a director of U.S. subsidiary businesses. Graff leads the company's industrial gas operations and business activities. He has a master's degree in chemical... Read more...


March 13, 2007
American Air Liquide presents President's Safety Awards
American Air Liquide recently presented awards for exceptional safety achievement at its annual senior management team meeting in Houston. For 2006, the company's President's Safety Awards honored one team from each of its primary subsidiaries... Read more...


January 9, 2007
Air Liquide appoints distributor network director
Air Liquide America L.P., which provides packaged and specialty gases in the U.S., has appointed Michael (Mike) Stoddard as director of its ALNET distributor network, effective Jan. 1. Stoddard reports to President Kim Denney and is responsible... Read more...