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January 21, 2014
High-efficiency filtration system removes fumes with reduced energy costs
Airflow Systems Inc. offers the TH-280 series industrial air filtration system, designed to provide high-efficiency, ambient filtration in manufacturing and processing environments. Offering airflow up to 6,500 CFM, it operates at 74 dBA... Read more...


February 26, 2013
Collection arm removes dusts, fumes at the source
Airflow Systems Inc. offers the E-Z Arm® high-flow series of contaminant extractor arms for source-point collection and removal of dusts, powders, fumes, smoke, odors, and other contaminants before they can migrate throughout the facility... Read more...


March 26, 2012
Portable dust collector captures contaminants at the source
The PCH series of portable dust collection systems from Airflow Systems Inc. provides source-point collection of airborne contaminants, preventing them from migrating throughout the facility to settle on equipment and fixtures, contaminate... Read more...