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February 9, 2010
Two processes sometimes are better than one
For years some cutting-edge fabrication technology has come out of the southern Appalachian foothills. In the 1990s you could travel about 10 miles south of Interstate 20, down a two-lane road through farms and woodland, and pull into the... Read more...


April 15, 2008
Carousel stores up to five high-pressure gas bottles
Alabama Laser Technologies' gas bottle storage carousel securely stores up to five high-pressure gas bottles. The company says this eliminates the risk of bottles tipping over. After a bottle is loaded into the unit, it can be rotated... Read more...


August 7, 2007
Modular laser workcell designed for component repair, surface restoration
Alabama Laser's TetraPORT modular workcell offers configuration capability for specific laser applications, such as metal deposition, welding, cutting, hardening, and engraving. The metal deposition system of the safe-enclosure workcell uses a... Read more...