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August 17, 2010
Spiral-bottom, round-bowl finishing machine keeps parts in media mass constantly
Almco Inc. has introduced a new model in its line of spiral-bottom, round-bowl finishing machines. It offers a full-circle baffle that keeps parts in the media mass constantly and a 24-cu.-ft. tub that can accommodate large and small parts.... Read more...


April 14, 2009
5-stage parts cleaning system has 96-in. wash section
A five-stage, all-stainless-steel washer/dryer system is offered by ALMCO KleenTec. The PWRBD24-96E-U system, initially custom-developed for a customer, includes wash, rinse, second rinse, blowoff, and drying functions in a compact, U-bend... Read more...


February 10, 2009
Centrifugal disk finisher designed to keep tiny parts from disappearing
A new centrifugal disk finisher has been introduced by ALMCO KleenTec Inc. The model ACDF-75 has a bowl with a spinning disk at the bottom. The disk propels the abrasive media upward against the interior walls, which act as a brake. This causes... Read more...