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April 18, 2011
Hand-operated grinder deburs laser-cut, punched parts
AM Machinery Sales Inc. has introduced the SwingGrinder for deburring laser-cut and punched parts. According to the manufacturer, the machine is three to four times faster than manual deburring. The hand-operated device, which features a... Read more...


April 12, 2011
Small-part deburring machine processes both ferrous, nonferrous material
The CrossMaster DD double-disk deburring machine, offered by AM Machinery Sales, handles parts as small as the size of a quarter. The through-feed machine was designed specifically for small parts to eliminate hand deburring or vibratory... Read more...


March 5, 2010
Tube punching machine enables punching all four sides in single pass
AM Machinery Sales Inc. offers the Evergreen line of tube punching and drilling machines. They are designed to handle round, square, rectangular, and oval tubes, as well as profiles and heavy-gauge flat bar. The machines punch and drill without... Read more...