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January 24, 2012
Airtronics adds new laser to robotic fleet
Airtronics Metal Products (AMP) has added a new Amada Gemini FO M2 3015 laser to its 100,000-sq.-ft. San Jose, Calif., plant. The 4,000-W, dual-processing robotic laser machine includes a rotary index to cut medium to thick materials. The... Read more...


November 11, 2008
Pulse-cutting band saws engineered to reduce noise, vibration, cutting resistance
Amada Cutting Technologies Inc. has launched two band saw models to help eliminate noise, vibrations, and cutting resistance. The PCSAW430AX single-pulse cutting machine cuts material up to 16 in., and another single pulse machine, the... Read more...


July 10, 2007
Better safe than saw awry
Safety is the most important, and most often the least appreciated, aspect of manufacturing. Simply put, you can't do the job without healthy people to do the job. Kirsan Engineering, Kenosha, Wis., kept that in mind when it took a look at the... Read more...


June 13, 2006
Job diversity through a waterjet
This tale from the O.C. doesn't involve beautiful people and cutting-edge music. It's about Orange County's very own Pacific Metal Cutting—in Placentia, Calif., to be more exact—and it's a 24-person team dedicated to cutting a... Read more...


March 7, 2006
Understanding how rotary tube and pipe cutting works
With rotary cutting, a two- or three-disk cutter head revolves around the circumference of a stationary pipe or tube while the cutters close in toward the center. The cutters penetrate only the wall thickness. Rotary pipe cutters are... Read more...