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  • American Torch Tip manufactures parts for plasma, laser, MIG, TIG and oxy-fuel torches, guns and machines used for cutting and welding. ATTC also makes the Lightning brand of MIG torches, the Lasertec brand of laser replacement parts including optics and the cost cutting Multi-Use oxy fuel tip replacement system. ATTC prides itself in making “Better than Original” replacement parts for the world’s manufacturers of torches, guns and machines used for fabricating today’s modern materials.

    The company presently owns and occupies 70,000 sq. ft in four buildings, incorporating manufacturing, engineering, warehousing and the corporate offices.

    American Torch Tip also has offices and warehousing in Canada and the United Kingdom and sells to more than fifty countries world wide.

    Recent advances in product design and manufacturing techniques has given the company the ability to produce and sell quality replacement parts competitively against companies manufacturing, importing and using offshore products.

    ATTC has incorporated a program of investing in current proven technologies which enable the company to design more efficient products that in many cases will save the end user time and money through improved part performance.

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