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June 18, 2014
AMS Controls appoints product manager, management software and services
St. Louis-based AMS Controls Inc., a roll forming and folding machine control systems manufacturer, has appointed Wayne Green to product manager, management software and services. Green serves as an expert on all matters related to the... Read more...


December 2, 2009
Roll forming gets flexible
The economy has changed the roll forming business, some say for good. For decades many roll formers have specialized in high volumes, taking on those long-term contracts. Not anymore. In some niches like the building sector or tube production,... Read more...


March 9, 2009
Continuous improvement for roll forming - Part II
Editor's Note: This article is the second in a two-part series. After you have selected a continuous improvement method (such as the Deming cycle, DMAIC process, or FADE) and familiarized yourself with ways to measure productivity, the next... Read more...


January 1, 2009
Coax Facts
An automated system for processing flexible coax cable pulls the coax off the spool, straightens it, and then cuts it to a programmed length. Coaxial cable is commonly used to convey high-frequency signals in microwave communications systems.... Read more...


December 13, 2005
In the loop on closed-loop roll forming?
In roll forming, nonstop punching and shear systems typically deliver the highest output. Although these systems traditionally have employed open-loop control methods, closed-loop (also called servo-based) systems can yield high line... Read more...