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  • Anchor Lamina America, Inc., your source for Danly, IEM, Lamina and Lempco Components, is a leading manufacturer of tool, die and mold components for the metal-working and plastics industries. We are a customer focused, world-class supplier of choice, in providing the brands, product breadth, distribution network and technical support for all your metal forming needs. As a manufacturer of springs, pins, bushings, mold components, cams, wear products, Accu-Bend rotary benders, in-die tapping units, die accessories, hydraulic die setters, hydraulic motors, and Lamina drills, we manufacture to meet NAAMS, ISO, JIS, VDI and other global and regional standards.

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    Anchor Lamina America, Inc
    38505 Country Club Drive
    Suite 100
    Farmington Hills, MI 48331

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    Phone: 248-489-9122
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