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February 9, 2010
No need for annealing
Fabricators are always looking for new ideas. Any new strategy, whether it involves a machine, a process, a technology, or a technique, is worth investigating if it will result in a better product or improve profitability. New ideas aren't... Read more...


May 1, 2008
Atlas Steel Products mourns president's passing
Atlas Steel Products President and CEO Lawrence J. "Bo" Burr died Monday (April 28) at home with his family in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, following a seven-month battle with cancer. He was 63. Mr. Burr acquired Atlas Steel Products in 1983 after... Read more...


March 13, 2003
Special slitting for specialty metals
As this transition to more challenging environments occurs, an on-time supply of high-quality processed stainless steels and other specialty metals becomes vital to U.S. industry. Many steel suppliers that process carbon steel grades are being... Read more...


July 25, 2002
Camber-free slitting for successful stamping
In the competitive world of progressive die stamping, slitting-induced strip camber can quickly turn a profitable job into a losing venture. This can be especially true for large-volume part runs. Problems such as misfeeds, off-center... Read more...