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July 15, 2014
Software simulates tube hydroforming processes
AutoForm Eng. GmbH has unveiled its AutoForm Hydro 2014 software for rapid tool design and simulation of tube hydroforming processes. The software allows users to carry out a complete, virtual tryout of the hydroforming process, which... Read more...


August 1, 2012
Sheet metal forming software permits quantitative piece cost analysis
AutoForm Eng. GmbH has unveiled its latest software version, AutoForm plus R4. It allows users to quantify and evaluate all planning aspects of stamped sheet metal parts, such as function, quality, lead-time, and cost. In this fourth major... Read more...


October 13, 2009
Software facilitates process plan cost-optimization
AutoForm Eng. GmbH has developed a new software module that enables the rapid and transparent definition of cost-optimized process plans. AutoForm plus R1 users can rapidly evaluate different process alternatives and gain insight into related... Read more...