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July 9, 2014
Compact 3-D bender can be integrated with robotics
Automated Industrial Machinery Inc. (AIM) offers the AFC compact 3-D bender. The small-footprint machine requires a low investment, enabling smaller companies to bring in automation and the larger ones to offset current capacity. Features... Read more...


August 8, 2006
Air press suitable for manual, semiautomatic assembly
AIM Joraco has introduced a direct air press to complement its Toggle-Aire® pneumatic presses for assembling bushings, posts, inserts, and fasteners. The air press features a straight pneumatic cylinder for applications requiring full force... Read more...


April 11, 2006
Indexer performs assembly, inspection at up to 1,600 parts per hour
The Toggle-Aire® multistation indexer from AIM Joraco is pneumatically operated and programmable logic-controlled to perform parts assembly operations and provide 100 percent pre- and postassembly parts inspection at up to 1,600 parts per... Read more...