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  • Automec Inc., located in Waltham, Massachusetts, was founded in 1969 and incorporated in 1972. Automec manufactures and sells CNC gauging systems primarily for the Metal Fabrication Industry. Our positioning systems consist of a programmable control and a motorized gauging mechanism that automatically moves through a series of programmed dimensions. These systems can be retrofitted to new or existing pressbrakes, shears, saws, ironworkers and punches. Automec systems increase the productivity of the machinery they are attached to by dramatically reducing material handling during the manufacturing process. Our systems are noted for their ease of programming, high reliability and positioning accuracy. In 2012 Automec celebrated its 40th year in business as a privately held manufacturer. Our 18 employees have been at Automec a combined total of 314 years. This proud heritage translates into better service and support for our customers. Automec remains one of the few companies where you can still talk to the people who sold you the machine long after you purchased it.

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