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December 3, 2012
Inventor, fabricator applies all-terrain concept to wheelchairs
Words like handicapped, disabled, and wheelchair-bound are on the way out; enabled is on the way in. Continuous advancements in technology help people compensate for limited use of their limbs, paralysis, or amputations. At the same time,... Read more...


March 10, 2009
Vertical press brakes enable accuracy to 0.0001 in.
Baileigh Industrial Inc. has added the BP series vertical press brakes to its line of metalworking machinery. Extra-wide guideways and encoder positioning of the vertical movement enable accuracy to 0.0001 in. Two-speed movement helps reduce... Read more...


June 17, 2008
Rotary draw bender bends to 195 degrees
Baileigh Industrial has introduced the model RDB-125 rotary draw bender. It bends up to 2.5-in., 0.120-in.-wall DOM tube 2-in., 0.120-in.-wall Chromoly and square; as well as 2-in. Sch. 40 pipe. Maximum centerline radius is 7 in. While the... Read more...