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    Introducing BySprint Fiber with 6kW Fiber laser

    Bystronic announces the extension of the BySprint Fiber portfolio with the addition of a 6 kW Fiber laser source for its 3015 and 4020 machine formats. The higher power considerably increases the BySprint Fiber's cutting speed in the thin to medium range sheet metal thickness. For example, a 6 kW Fiber laser cuts 1/8th inch stainless steel up to 70% faster than a 4 kW Fiber laser.

    BySprint Fiber's speed advantage is even more pronounced when compared to cutting the same material with a 6 kW CO2 laser source where the 6 kW Fiber laser is three times faster. Depending on the type of material and the sheet thickness, parts output can be increased by up to 300 percent. With higher cutting speeds, process reliability becomes more important than ever. Bystronic's Cut Control monitors the cutting process and automatically stops the laser and the cut is repeated. This reduces the risk of miscuts.

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BySprint 6kW Fiber laser

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