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March 19, 2014
Small GTAW torch comes with three angled heads
The CK Micro Torch is the smallest GTAW torch on the market, according to manufacturer CK Worldwide. With three different angled heads, the torch can be used in many tightly spaced applications. A clear Pyrex®nozzle and a low-profile... Read more...


February 5, 2014
GTAW cold wire feeder allows welder to control wire feeding, torch with one hand
The new WF5 GTAW cold wire feeder is available from CK Worldwide Inc. Automating the feeding of filler metal, it allows the user to control wire feeding with the same hand used to control the torch. An optional cold wire pendant gives the user... Read more...


April 23, 2013
Tungsten electrodes available for mechanized, robotic GTAW
Tri-Mix (color code chartreuse) and 2 percent lanthanated (color code blue) tungsten electrodes are available from CK Worldwide. The Tri-Mix nonradioactive electrodes (A5.12M/A5.12:2009-AWS Class EWG) can be used in both AC and DC GTAW... Read more...