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  • Cy Laser has pioneered the application of solid state generated fiber optic lasers, to a traditional style stand-alone laser cutting system. Cy Laser does not build CO2 laser systems. Cy Laser began its research in 2003 and started to install stand-alone laser cutting systems since 2005. Currently Cy Laser boasts approx. 150 installations worldwide, of which approx. 25 systems are installed in the US. Cy Laser offers a line of fiber optic laser cutting systems second to none: 3 machine tool platforms, 2D, 2D and TUBE COMBO, dedicated TUBE. The 2D platform includes End Load (EL) and Side Load (SL) models in various sizes up to 40 feet long. All Cy Laser machines can be powered with up to 5kW. Cy Laser also offers a variety of Load Unload Automation Systems and Material Storage Towers with automatic material retrieval, loading and unloading functions,enabling lights out operation.

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